Christ calls Sunshine Community Church to pursue and nourish the spiritually-hungry, until every household in our sphere of influence can flourish in Christ.

What does that mean?

To pursue and nourish...

Our mission is characterized by motion and investment - we are instructed to GO with Jesus in pursuit of the lost and to invest toward their conversion and growth as disciples. We will not stand idly by while our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members perish for lack of spiritual nourishment. Instead, we will leave the four walls of this ministry and pour ourselves out to connect them to Jesus, that they may know the Bread of Life and be refreshed by his living water.

The spiritually-hungry...

We believe that every human being is made to hunger for God and find deep satisfaction in right relationship with him. However, not every person is in touch with this hunger, and many misidentify it as something else. In evangelism, we will seek to expose and awaken that hunger in others who may not yet understand it. In discipleship, we will seek to cultivate and deepen it toward a lifetime of sustainable passion for interaction with Jesus.

Until every household in our sphere of influence...

Our mission is finished only when history ends, or when every household with which we have influence is converted to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Until then, we will seek to be a transforming influence in our local schools, businesses, colleges, governmental agencies, neighborhoods, and circles of friendship. We will pay particular attention to the family/household as the key building block of culture.

Can flourish in Christ.

Our deep desire is to lead people to the resources and truths that lead to abundant and sustainable joy in the Lord. We will resource households for sustainable growth throughout all 6 seasons of Maturity. We long to see households that are engaged in a comprehensive lifestyle of Romans 12 worship that frees their hearts, minds, bodies, finances, and legacies along with their spirits!