Our team of preaching pastors arranges messages in series. Some walk through a book of the Bible, while others lay out a practical topic or celebrate a holiday season. In all cases, the Word of God is the focus and source of all content, and we seek to make it understandable, practical, and transformative for all listeners. Here are some of the things we’ll be preaching on next:

CURRENT Sunday Series
Prince of Rejects

In this series, we will follow Joseph's life story and look for lessons about the gospel and its power to reach and save the rejected and outcast through a Savior who identifies with them and suffers for them. 

  • 6/17/18- NO ROOM FOR DREAMERS    Genesis 37:2-11
  • 6/24/18 PRINCE OF REJECTS, I              Genesis 37:12-36
  • 7/1/18- PRINCE OF REJECTS, II              Genesis 39: 1-20
  • 7/8/18- FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES        Genesis 39:21-40:23
  • 7/15/18- UNEXPECTED INFLUENCE      Genesis 41:1-45 Communion Sunday
  • 7/22/2018- REJECTION REDEEMED      Genesis 45:1-24