Our team of preaching pastors arranges messages in series. Some walk through a book of the Bible, while others lay out a practical topic or celebrate a holiday season. In all cases, the Word of God is the focus and source of all content, and we seek to make it understandable, practical, and transformative for all listeners. Here are some of the things we’ll be preaching on next:

Our Call

Christ has called each individual congregation to live out the Great Commission in its own neighborhood and cultural context. At Sunshine, we have a mission statement that clarifies what is essential in our pursuit of that calling, and it animates and excites us in our journey together. In this series, we will review our mission and values by studying key scriptural passages and mapping out practical next steps for our congregation.

  • May 5 - Pursue: 1 Corinthians 9:15-27

  • May 12 - Nourish: Psalm 36/Matthew 5:6

  • May 19 - Sphere of Influence: Matthew 10:16-33

  • May 26 - Flourish: Romans 12